How to Join a Tour
1) Go to the Tournaments Page

2) Click on the host name:

3) Click on the TEAMS / CHECK-IN:

4) If your team is listed and you need to join:

5) Click on the REGISTER link:

6)    Click here to register a New team

       To Auto-Jump, click on Auto-Team Locator, then skip to 6C.

6A) To Join a team, click on the Join Team and select the name from the drop down list:

6B) Enter the Team Password (our league uses 1234)

6C) Enter the Password (this is YOUR Cases Password)

6D) Check both boxes

6E) Click on the Register button. Wait for the page to return,
then click on the TEAMS / CHECK-IN to verify you are in.
  All done, you can close this TAB
 Start a New Team
1) This screen should appear (your cases name should be displayed in Ladder Name:)

3)  Click on the Start New Team: then,

3A) follow instructions above, then press Register

3B) Wait for next screen to appear and you're set.

All done, you can close this TAB