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Phlinx - How to get a High Score

The best scores are achieved, when playing in either Hard or Expert mode. 
Note: Scores posted are for a single round ( 4 rounds equals 1 game ).

Start in Easy mode, and learn the "tricks" first, then move up slowly to Hard or Expert.

Trick 1: Big drops in Daylight mode, is the key. Wittle (small drops) your way around the group, until you can get a big drop.

Trick 2: Go for the specialty stones. I like the color changing stone. Try this: Get the color changing stone, note it's  color, then place it in the stone holder. Now, take it out of the stone holder and notice the color. You can force the  color you need, by putting it into the holder and then taking it back out. Keep doing this until you get the color you  need.

Trick 3: Rapid Fire - Click the mouse button as fast as possible, to fire multiple shots at the target. This does come in handy, but it loses as much as it wins.

Trick 4: These tricks are good, but you will lose a lot more than you will win.  Keep practicing until you get it, done.

Lastly, this is a game, so have fun!!! Set your goal and go for it, but have fun playing Phlinx.

For those of you who play in House of Ra, here are some samples of the "regular player's chat", enjoy.
        grrrrrr = lost that round,        Grrrrr = lost round with a good drop,        GRRRRR = lost round with a big drop,
        boom                                    Boom                                                       BOOM or BBB (Big Badda Boom!)

    Chat codes:   
                all of these expect a common reply of thank you ( ty )
                            wtg = Way to go
                            gg   =  Good going,     gj  = Good job,    nj = Nice job
              Thank you ( ty ) or Thank you very much ( tyvm ), may also get a reply of Your welcome ( yw )

              Laughing out loud ( lol )    Have Fun (HF)  not to be confused with hurry front (hf) <= we like to see one's front not one's back!

See you in the room, lol.