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Java Fix for Pogo Games (IE Only)

If you get this page, then, below is the fix

Go to Windows Control Panel and Click on Java, should get the following page.

Click on Security tab

* * * If, after this process Java still does not work, try coming back to this point
and click on "Restore Security Prompts". This will force your browser to display the
Security Warning Screen. Make sure the Enable Java check box at top, is checked. * * *

Click on Edit Sites, then Add

Click on Add and enter both of the following (Exactly, as shown):

Click on Ok, then reboot your computer.

Go into Pogo and try the game again, you should get a Java Security Warning.

Click on "I accept the risks" and then click on "Show Options" and
click on "Do not show this again".

Click on Run. The game should then load on it's own.

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