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Boat and Ramp Projects

Boat (2008/9) before repairs

Working on Boat Floor (2011)

<< These six  pictures, are what we found after we removed the rotted floor of the boat.

Much nicer, even with the snow covering! 3/27/11
To replace the leaking gas tank, we got a quote of $1500 + freight shipping
 (tank measurements: 88" x 32" x 20" appr. 243 gals).
I already had a can of fiberglass: just sanded it down, added some fiberglass cloth and made simple patch - cost $5 (sand paper + cloth).

4/2 & 4/3/11 Had to move the tank, twice, to lay the tank floor slats. Built up the 4x4 wall, which will be where the front of the tank rests, after the tank is put back down. Hopefully, next weekend the tank can be laid back in place, so major floor construction can take place.

4/7 Jason (pictured) and Jeremy managed to get the tank back into place, without doing too much damage to their backs. 4/9 & 4/10/11 Started the framing for the floor. Going to have to restructure the thought process! The tank takes up more space than I remembered, minor change I hope.

4/17 Saturday was a wash out. So, Sunday was spent lining up and installing side stringers. A few more pieces, then we start on the electrical! Oh fun....

Jeremy >>>,
removed all the paint from the painted over windows!

4/23-24 Saturday was spent finishing the side stringers and installing new gas fill and vent lines. Sunday was a full day of finishing off the stringers, beginning the electrical and capping all of the exposed boards. All 2x4 and 4x4 stringers were capped with a 1x4 cover. It locks everything into place. Finally got a picture of Jeremy.

Not much more that will be visible! Ran the remaining fuel lines. Connected the wiring to the stern light and the stern bilge pump. Connected the wiring and switch for the wash down pump. The brothers added additional support to the engine covers and we built new side covers for the engines.

da beginning!
Gone Topless 11/06/11 Top!

Gauges Installed Steering Console Fridge hooked up Top painted and Lights Installed
more Lights. More to come!

Too cold to work on the boat!
Ramp Project (March/April 2012)


3/18/2012 4x4 Installs 4/8/2012 first sealer coat
 of paint
(w/sand traction)
All done w/new
power outlet
New sand filter lovely shade of green