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2000:   Gulf Coast Travel (800) 261-5111 - Travel agency, located in Naples, Florida

2000:    RLCharters (804) 435-6907 - Charter fishing on the Chesapeake Bay, located in Kilmarnock, Virginia

2004:   Bob-A-Long (804) 435-9785 - Fish the Chesapeake Bay, located in Kilmarnock, Virginia

2004:   Rice's Hotel / Hughlett's Tavern - Historical location and restaurant, located in Heathsville, Virginia

2005:   Dividing Creek Association - Northumberland County, Virginia. (DCA took over website Sept 2013.)

2005:   Bates, LLC (804) 580-5464 - Swimming Pool Designer's and Builder's for Northumberland County, Virginia

2005:   Swann Harbor HOA - Swann Harbor HOA Heathsville, Va.

2006:   King George Family Chiropractic (www.va-dc.com) - Dr. Shawn Pallotti, D.C., King George, Va.
            (moved to a new hosting/developer (Doctor Oriented), as of 10/15/2006)

2006:   Mallard's Landing Home Owner's Association (www.mlhoa-va.org) in King George, Va.

2013:   Jeremy R Adams - Artist, Musician, Poet, Kilmarnock, Va.

Game or Picture Sites: Games

2001-   Clover Leaf - Pogo Payday Freecell players page.

2003-   Pyramid - First Amendment - Ion Thunder's players page.

2005-   Phlinx - How to get a High Score

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