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Website conversions:


In order to convert a domain (website), specific instructions must be made by the individual who owns the website. Procedures will be provided when this information, is needed.
If, the website is to be maintained by Abiliniís Computer Services, then a start-up payment will be required. This payment covers the cost and time of converting the website, from its current domain handler and transferring all relevant web pages to the new domain handler. This fee is approximately $100 a one time charge.  This is the fee charged to Abilini's Computer Services by the web hosting company and is non-refundable.



Website creation costs:


The cost to register a new domain name is $35; this includes the payment made to the domain registration company (Domain Bank) and a 2-year domain name lock. Once locked, no one can use the same domain name. Multiple domain extensions may also be reserved; however, each reservation requires a $15 handling fee.

At the time when Abilini's Computer Services was created (1985), the standard extensions were - .com (company) and .org (organization), both of these were reserved by Abiliniís Computer Services.
New extensions are created every year, the current extensions are:

.com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .tv, .ws, .cc, .biz, .nu and .us.

(Only .org and .info are associated with non-profit companies)

* All websites created and maintained by Abilini's Computer Services (ACS) are created using Microsoftís FrontPage. Additional types are available and can be used; upon request (an additional fee may be required). *


Standard website maintenance:


A single individual runs Abiliniís Computer Services, and I donít believe in over charging for web services, therefore; $10.41 (appr.) month or $125 year -

Includes, applying updates as specified by the hiring officer or the person appointed by the hiring officer (no more than 2 persons, please).

Pages may also be added to the site, but please specify all the specifics before requesting a new page. Pictures or photos may also be added, please specify the exact caption required for each picture.

Additional items may include


If you want your website to be listed on many of the Internet search engines, then there are additional non-refundable fees. Every company out there has their own rates and unfortunately the good ones cost a lot of money to join. 

Do Not be fooled by free website admissions, no one is free anymore.